With the reality of today’s globalized markets and the advantages. Of digital transformation, today’s companies have the opportunity. To dedicate themselves to producing or promoting several lines of. Products and services through the same brand, this is known as as. A multi-brand strategy and then we will tell you all about it.

For small and medium-sized companies, branding is a relatively. Simple practice, where many efforts are focused on building. Its digital authority and creating a positive image in the minds and. Hearts of consumers, but as it grows this becomes more difficult.

The complexity can be due to several factors, for example: the expansion of. The brand with more products or services, even with other. Brands that arise from the main one and that compete with each other in the market.

But for this there is a multi-brand strategy and now you will know. What it is, its importance and how to develop one in your company.

What is actually a multi-brand strategy?

We can say that the multi-brand strategy, in general terms, consists. Of the set of actions carried out by a company or company. To define the process of promoting several brands , under the same organization and developing different identities.

The most general idea is to Sales Marketing Directors, Managers Email Lists restrict or eliminate competition between. The brands of the same company to increase their market share. Attacking various segments of the consuming public.

Think of a company that has multiple brands under one roof. They may come to mind:

Among other.
Each of them has a multi-brand strategy to guide the actions and processes. Of each of its products and “sub-brands” in the same segment or line of business, at the same time.

But, ensuring that there is no internal competition between them and each one can position itself in its own way.

For this type of action, taking into account the so-called brand architecture is essential.

Separation According to Brand Identity

Sales Marketing Directors, Managers Email Lists

This is when the only differentiating factor of a product or service. From its competitors is found in aspects related to the brand. Such as image or identity .

An example of this is fedex, which is a national and international parcel. And shipping company, where its different brands are based on. The separation of its services such as fedex lite, fedex premium, fedex cargo, among others.

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