This allows you to provide detailed answers to common objections and to dispel some of the suspicion. . Work hard to build trust unfortunately. The internet is a cesspool of untrustworthy people trying to steal money from unsuspecting innocents. “nigerian princes”. Password phishers. Greeting card viruses. Hungary Phone Number  And a host of other villainous practices make trust a rare online commodity. If you can increase trust between you and visitors. You’ll see your conversion rate skyrocket. How can you build that sacred trust? A number of ways. Have a website that looks legit. This should be glaringly obvious. 

If your site looks like it was designed by a moody teenager. People won’t trust you. Your site should be clean. Professional. Easy to read. Free from typos. And without obnoxious imagery. There Hungary Phone Number  are plenty of comprehensive guides to teach you how to create a website by yourself. But don’t be afraid to hire someone to build an amazing site for you. Just make sure you’ve done your research. And know exactly what quality you’ll receive. Provide contact information. Don’t bury your email or phone number deep in the murky recesses of your site.

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Put your contact info in a clear. Easy to find place. Include testimonials. The more customer testimonials you can include. The better. It shows people that you’ve worked with other customers and that you offer a real solution. Not some sort of digital snake oil. Offer live chat. Customer trust will go Hungary phone number through the roof when they can immediately get their questions answered. And unlike the days when you had to have a dedicated call center for live chat. There are now scores of low-cost options available. Offer superb guarantees. Guarantees allow people to feel safe about their purchase. 

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It lets them know that if something goes wrong. You’ll make it right. Highlight your guarantee with a big seal to increase conversions even more. Oriental furniture bumped up their conversion rate by . by using a guarantee seal prominently on their site. Use real pictures of people. Stock photos of smiling Hungary Phone Number  people in artificial scenarios don’t build trust. When possible. Use real photos of normal people doing normal things. Medalia art saw a  increase in their conversion rate simply by using pictures of actual people. Use videos. A simple video of you talking to customers can significantly boost your conversion rates. It puts a face on the product or service and reminds people that a real person is behind the company. 

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This video doesn’t need to be highly produced or have a great soundtrack. Just talk honestly to your customers. People have been burned too many times to trust just any old website. Work hard to cultivate trust and you’ll be rewarded by increasing conversion rates on your site. . Minimize design friction Hungary Phone Number  points minimize design friction points for websites conversion rate image source man. I feel stressed just looking at that picture. Generally speaking. Friction is anything that psychologically keeps a visitor from signing up or purchasing. Design friction is anything in the design or layout of your page that hinders visitors from moving forward. Some really easy friction points to fix are: too many fields. Only require the bare minimum when it comes to filling in fields. 

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