At this point in the game you can’t help but say it. Advertising is everywhere people have become accustome. To looking at all kinds of advertisements in different. Situations and contexts of their. Lives and this has been transferred to the digita. Environment. It is in this segment where it has. Gained more relevance ways have even been. Created to block it with adblockers. But the reality is that, to a greater extent it has overcome. The actions of the user. However it seems that. There is a type of audience that likes. The integration of brand advertising. Actions in their favorite content. These are the people of youtube. The video platform has become his favorite channel. To view content both personal and promotional.

The Second Most Used Search Engine in the World Works

The second most used search engine in the world works. Just like the search engine of its owner google that is.Buy Macedonia Whatsapp Numbers They rely on advertisements as their primary source. Of earnings data from the same. Platform indicates that it has around 1,500. Million active users and that can be used. It gets better still thinwithgoogle reveals. That eight out of 10 people between the ages. Of 18 and 49 are watching videos within the page. In addition, according to statista by 2025. It is expected that 6 out of 10 people will be. Connected and subscribed to online. Video content platforms, a guideline that youtube. Already uses figures from it indicate that about. 80 percent of content is viewed outside its place. Of origin from the above data. Can be said that youtube a perfect platform for advertising .

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The Problem Is That Not Everything Is Under Control

The problem is that not everything is under control. Some types of content still scare some brands and discourage. Them from making decisions when it comes. To integrating their products. Into videos and that is understandable. Recently it made an exhaustive revision. Of its content to eliminate allusions to violence. What are the most common myths about advertising. Despite having problems there are a series of beliefs and. Myths that some digital strategists think. Targetmarketing explains the most common ones. My brand does not have any customers. On youtube the platform has more than one billion. Users almost a third of all internet users. Youtube launched local versions in 88 countries and. Can be browsed in 76 languages. Although not total some part of present among those people.

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