Did you know that for this year the most effective. Digital marketing tactics are content marketing. Machine learning and artificial intelligence. Big data social media marketing and automation. As revealed by information from statista. Digital marketing is undoubtedly experiencing a boom. In 2017 alone, emarketer indicates that investments reached. 229 thousand 250 million dollars. However as difficult as it may seem there are still companies that. Do not want to embark on this digital world. One of the main reasons for this to happen. Is that there are many myths that have tarnished. Portugal B2B List The name of digital marketing and. Prevent companies from reaping all its benefits.

It is in this sense that below we share 4 of the most

It is in this sense that below we share 4 of the most. Common to leave behind all those beliefs that impede. Portugal B2B List The progress of a company in the digital world. Digital marketing is only for large companies. If the director or the marketing team of the company. Considers this a reality they are condemning their firm. To stagnation reality shows that digital marketing. Is for everyone and it is even essential for smaller. Companies because developing it is more accessible. Having an online presence is necessary for growth. Because the opportunities have been. Portugal B2B List Enhanced statista data indicate that in 2017. The number of internet users rose to 3.57 billion worldwide.

Email marketing is just spam speaking of email

Portugal B2B List

Email marketing is just spam speaking of email. Another myth to leave behind is that email marketing. Campaigns are spam once again reality dictates otherwise. Email is one of the most effective. Channels for brands today, as we have said on other occasions. It has a better return on investment than platforms. Such as social networks and even a 77 percent of. Internet users prefer it to receive communication from. Brands and companies the cases in which email marketing. Ends up as spam is due to bad practices implemented. By companies it is necessary. To be in all social networks the phrase that complements. Portugal B2B List This myth is and that implies more efforts or because.

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