The post needs to continue attracting traffic through social media and search engines for a long time as creating a content upgrade from scratch can be time consuming. Wrap you can include all of these  lead magnets in your content marketing strategy. They can all bring in big results. But remember that El Salvador Phone Number  capturing a lead is just the beginning. After that you need to nurture this lead with more free content. This will get more leads to convert to customers. Which of the above lead magnets have you used? Which ones have worked best for you? Please leave your comments below.

You know what’s tougher than having a blog with decent traffic? Monetizing it consistently. Most bloggers are probably afraid to say this out loud. But they spend a lot of their waking hours racking their brains trying to solve the big puzzle of blog profitability. The short answer is having a high click through rate El Salvador Phone Number  on ad on your blog. Which lead to increased sales and profit. The long answer? Advertising does work but how well it works is usually left as an afterthought by most bloggers. A lot of this has to do with the weirdest mix of ads and content that is driving your readers away every minute. Simply put. You experience lack of relevancy – a proliferation of mismatched ads on your blog. 

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Here’s one example: your keyword traffic display ads related to motorway traffic or a rock band when your content is about blog traffic. (I’m sure you can come up with a bazillion more.) in other words. Chances are that the ads rendered on your website are only moderately relevant to what the El Salvador phone number reader is expecting. Your readers are likely going to be turned off with those ads and soon you start losing money. And here’s the real kicker… your readers will also start to lose trust in you. Ouch. So… how can you have ads that are highly relevant and enhance your reader’s experience while consistently increasing your sales? Enter contextual ads.

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 Blogging guide free download the ultimate guide to blogging for small business first name * email * download now what are contextual ads? As the name suggests. Contextual advertising is a content-based approach to display ads on your blog. A contextual advertising network or platform makes sure that El Salvador Phone Number  when a reader lands on your blog. They will only see ads that are deeply relevant to what they are reading. These ads are not only non-intrusive but if done right. Can also enhance your reader’s experience. 

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There’s a natural tendency for your readers to click on such ads because they easily blend with the content being read. Of course. What also matters equally is the traffic on your blog. The more the traffic. The higher your earnings. You can then set an income goal and develop strategies to achieve that goal through El Salvador Phone Number  your chosen contextual advertising network. Google adsense is one of the bigger names amongst advertising networks that can monetize your content. However. Only working with adsense may not be the best thing to do for a blogger looking to create a winning mix of ads that can generate incremental revenue. Expand your horizons.

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