Just this morning a teaser of the second season of 13 reasons. Why was presented and netflix decides to surprise. With the trailer and release date but also opening new unknowns. Just this morning a teaser of the second season of 13 reasons. Why was presented and netflix decides to surprise with the traile.R and release date… But also opening new unknowns. We know that the series produced by selena gomez became one. Of the most commented on social networks it exceeded 11 million. Tweets in less than a month after its premiere. According to variety so this new stage arouses much expectation.The teaser served to reposition 13 reasons why in the minds of fans. And the conversation in the media and social networks.

So That This Moment Was Later Used to Present a Trailer That

So that this moment was later used to present a trailer that. In addition to leaving a good visual impression opens up new questions. Cyprus Whatsapp Number Marketing Lists About what the series will present it was revealed. That the second season will premiere on the platform on may. 18 and today the possibility is opened that the common thread. Is not hannah’s cassettes but that everything. Will revolve around polaroids the question is about. Who and what will count this story the trailer that many. Have surely already seen has had a strong impact. On facebook it accumulates more. Than 5 million people and if we consider that it has been. Published for approximately 5 hours it is an average of one million. Reproductions per hour. On instagram. And twitter it also had an important response.

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More Than a Million Views on Each Social Network

More than a million views on each social network. To the rhythm of feel you by depeche mode some clues are given. To another plot of intrigue abuse and omissions by students. And many adults related to liberty high. Again netflix shows a very particular style of marketing. Its content here it is not as complex an encryption. As in the punisher, for example but it again. Uses the resource of dosing the information and leaving. A certain ‘riddle’ to invite the spectator to think and discover. What it is that he will find subscribe to the premium. Content of merca2.0 from madrid to mexico city. The most reliable source of global marketing strategies. A look at the strategies of the big brands and consumer trends.

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