This results in very clear and well-arrange Jordan Phone Number websites. If visitors (and yourself) maintain an overview as a result, this also applies to Google. Also read: Be prepare! Here’s what you need to know about the Google Page Experience update Make individual articles SEO-friendly When creating your texts in your Jordan Phone Number articles, just like in a Word document, ensure that you maintain a logical structure in the use of your headings. Article titles are always displayed by Joomla as an H1 or an Jordan Phone Number H2 heading, depending on your setup. Make sure you continue with H2 or H3 subheadings in your running text.

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Also note when adding images: you can Jordan Phone Number often add an alternative description in your editor during upload. Do this. Google needs this description to understand what the image is about (so do the visually impaired). By the way, make sure that you upload your images as small as possible, ‘heavy images’ are often responsible Jordan Phone Number for long loading times. In the tab Publication you can (must) enter something relevant for the Meta description field : Joomla_3 Make sure it’s as relevant as possible, and Jordan Phone Number no more than 150 punctuation marks, or Google will cut it off.

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Remember that this field comes back in Jordan Phone Number Google! If you do everything right, your site will look like this in Google: Joomla_4 If you follow these tips within Joomla, your site will be better in SEO than the average website and hopefully also better than that of your direct competitors. Keep in mind that you really have Jordan Phone Number to build up all the pages of your site properly, not just the home page. Extensions and Plugins For the last few percent of SEO optimization, the Joomla core capabilities are just Jordan Phone Number not enough. Where with WordPress sites you end up with all-in-one plugins such as ‘Yoast’ or ‘All in One SEO Pack’, Joomla offers more options.

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