A report delivered by yesterday afternoon revealed. That more than 300 brands, including adidas amazon facebook. Netflix under armor and netflix were affected after their. Youtube ads were placed in channels related. To racist and nazi content a report delivered. By cnn yesterday afternoon revealed that more than 300 brands. Including adidas amazon facebook hershey. Linkedin mozilla netflix under armor and netflix. Were affected after their youtube ads were placed on channels. Related to inappropriate content related to pro-white. Nationalist sites nazi sites and other types of information. Classified as extremist the problem comes after youtube. Taiwan Whatsapp Number List Announced earlier this year that as of february.

Previously it was only necessary to reach 10 thousand

Previously it was only necessary to reach 10 thousand. Reproductions to obtain benefits the rule was implemented. As a measure to have greater control over those channels. Taiwan Whatsapp Number List That receive financing thanks to advertising. As well as to increase brand safety guarantees. For advertisers as reported by media such as usa today. Youtube issued a statement in this regard. In which it indicated that it is already working to solve. The situation however it did not mention the reasons. Taiwan Whatsapp Number List That caused this error. Youtube-01 during the past. Year various companies. Decided to withdraw their advertising investment. From youtube after it became known that these.

Since then the video platform was sure that the incident

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Since then the video platform was sure that the incident. Would not be repeated thanks to new control. Filters that it would have implemented a statement. That now loses all weight and credibility. Within its report cnn adds the position of some. Brands where the positions at the moment are diverse. For example facebook said it was working. With youtube to address the situation. While linkedin reiterated that one of our ads ran in an. Unapproved youtube location the ad in question has been. Removed and we are working with youtube. Taiwan Whatsapp Number List To understand why this happened to prevent a repeat. For its part adidas affirmed we were not aware. Of this situation on youtube and we are working.

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