To android applications and. The sales that had with its latest console “Switch” exceeded expectations.  Its video games to android applications and . Among the company’s ambitious plans is its theme park at universal studios in japan. And it will be called world which will make its debut to the public. Wants to bring them to the parks of universal studios. Florida and according to markets insider. The world theme park is a recreation of mushroom from the castle. Coined areas a giant toad question. Mark blocks among other attractions.

The sales that had with its latest switch console exceeded expectations

The comedian’s complaint about cigarette consumption. In a radio booth sparked an investigation against the communicator. Buy Australia WhatsApp Numbers The appearance of influencers in the digital conversation in has generated. An immediate response effect. In terms of issues involving the government.  gather on digital .Or in the media. In a recent case the complaint of the comedian. Sofía de about the consumption of. . Of her program on the w-radio network. Caused the authorities they will initiate an investigation through the federal commission. For the protection against sanitary risks .  Or cigarette butts was found, for which there will be no sanction. The newspaper reported on . Sought an interview with the authorities of the federal agency.

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After knowing the information on the subject

After knowing the information on the subject. Niño de rivera criticized through went to look for cigarette. Butts and the smell of cigarettes in a place that knew that cofepris was going. To go to look for that. Bravo. I meane videos of him smoking is not enough. They have to use their latest model ‘monitors. Anyone with money getting away with it in this country. How weird!” he stated the publication has about 6,300 .Likes and hundreds of comments ranging from congratulations for denouncing .To insults against the naturalized n driver. The effect that it was  de rivera who denounced an illegal act allowed. A prompt response from the authorities. Article 10 section I of the non-smokers health protection. Law prohibits smoking in all closed spaces accessible.


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