Mark twain —with that fine irony that characterized him— defined a classic as that book that everyone praises but that no one reads.Similarly,  Writer’s blogs are like the classics of literature . Everyone tells you that you must have one. But no one tells you how. And the truth is that blogs for writers only work if they meet a series of basic requirements.

Some Egypt Phone Numbers  time ago. Gabriella campbell —with that fine irony that characterizes her— wrote a post entitled: 7 writers’ blogs that do work .  types of writer’s blogs existed and what advantages and disadvantages each one had. A very good post. Like all of yours (yes. I’m a fan. What can you do).

In which she analyzed what

But what gabriella did not analyze and what I intend to find out today —with that fine irony that characterizes me— is why. Within the same type of writer’s blog. Some succeed and others do not. It’s not because of how well they write. I have seen blogs of writers who write phenomenally and who publish with large publishers with more or less sales sink into the misery of less than 100 visits / day. And. On the contrary. I have seen blogs of new writers who had an incredible diffusion of each of their posts.

Let’s take a tour of the classics to see:

The 4 reasons why a writer’s blog does not succeed.
Pride and prejudice as a writer

Or think only about what you like and not what your ideal reader likes. Think that your reader will be interested in your stories. Your poems and your books and not give more than your own content.

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Elizabeth bennet. The protagonist of pride and prejudice . Is proud. She thinks that her wit is the sharpest. And darcy is prejudiced. He thinks elizabeth doesn’t measure up. Neither of them is able to see those points that unite them. Just as you don’t see the ones that link you to your ideal reader. Because. When you write on your writer’s blog and write about what you like. What interests you and your reading. Your news —you. You and more you— you lose the ties that bind you to your reader. That common territory of tastes related.

Well. You shouldn’t lose it!

Only the moment you realize that there is another person on the other side of the screen and seek interaction with them. Will your blog start to take off. Because the focus is not on you. But on your reader.

80% of the content of your writer’s blog and your social networks should be about others. Other writers of your genre. e. Other books of your genre… And only a tiny part should be your novel. Your stories. Your poems.

Other bloggers of your genr

Joyce ‘s ulysses . Or what the hell are you talking about?

In other words. Don’t define the theme of your writer’s blog.

One of the main mistakes made in a writer’s blog is not having a defined theme. The blog. Like ulysses . Seems at first sight chaotic and unstructured and does not encourage. Precisely. To read it. In fact. Of the classics that I name in this post. It is the only one that I have not been able to finish.

How many writer’s blogs you come to know what they’re talking about in three seconds? Your Everything must be oriented according to the genre you write.

How many blogs have you seen where the categories are “reviews”. “news” and “stories”? Why would I. Who just came to your blog without knowing you at all. Be interested in your stories?

If you want to sell cat food. Talk about cats.

So. If you want to sell fantasy literature books. Talk about fantasy novels. Movies about fantasy books. Review fantasy readings. Research fantasy writer

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