It won’t be automatic. But you’ll see positive results. . Content marketing helps people put a face on your brand sure. Content marketing is about creating and distributing relevant Romania Phone Number  content to inform or help you attract customers. So some go ahead with hiring freelancers to help them create content. (let’s call content blog posts here.) that’s not bad. But I’ve seen several problems including (but not limited to): not working with writers (freelancers) long-term: this may not entirely be your fault. Maybe you hired the wrong writer and you had to end the working relationship sooner.  Not hiring someone (people) solely for content creation: doesn’t matter what you’ll call them—

Content marketer. Marketing manager. Growth hacker. Writer—you need a “content person” or “content people” on your team. Heck. Your whole team can create content! Posting with your Romania Phone Number  brand name: ever seen a brand called “we hate beans” having “wehatebeans ” as a writer on their blog? Confused? See what I mean below.  Has a blog updated regularly. Commendable. Apart from having faceless and “bio-less” writers. They also have a writer called “. Mintlife for content marketing benefits who is “ I don’t know. But I know you’d probably be surprised how many business blogs have writers called different variations of their brand name. 

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People do not visit your blog to see your logo on author pictures. Or your brand name on author names. They want to see the picture and name of a real person. Someone they can associate with your brand. Jay baer put it best when he said (bold is mine): “if you want to increase your share of voice. Don’t just give Romania phone number your customers something to talk about. Give them somebody to talk about.” in a discussion at inbound. Someone asked brian dean. Founder of backlinko what he’d do if he was trying to build an audience from scratch now. Discussion at inbound for content marketing benefits the first point in his response was (bold is mine): “make your blog a personal brand (even if it’s a company blog). 

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He continued: “no matter what. Put the people that write for you front and center. Even the biggest company in the world (apple) has a personal brand element with steve jobs. Some Romania Phone Number  examples of company blogs doing a good job at this include moz (especially wbf). Buffer (with kevan being the mainstay for years). And helpscout  (greg ciotti is the face of the blog).” let’s see what this looks like in practice. Even in guest posts. It’s obvious what brand they represent. Check out kevan’s author bio on entrepreneur magazine. Kevan lee for content marketing benefits or greg ciotti’s bio on fast company.

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Greg ciotti for content marketing benefits let’s assume you’ve visited the helpscout and buffer blogs and you’ve read several posts written by greg and kevan respectively. You leave. Maybe Romania Phone Number  without subscribing to either blog when you stumble on their guest posts elsewhere. Is it not easier to remember greg as the “helpscout guy” and kevan as the “buffer guy” from those bios? I can also add steli efti. He’s the face of the close.Io blog. Not just because he’s the co-founder of close.Io. But because he’s at the forefront of content creation on the blog. I’d be remiss if I failed to mention neil patel. 

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