You nee to make sure that the SEO keywords use in your content match your brand. your product or service It s also the words your customers use to search for your brand. Makes searching for the right word therefore have many steps And through a lot of analysis once you ve got the keywords you ll be able to create an SEO strategy to achieve your goals. And most importantly increase the ranking of the website to the top. In search it increases the chances and increases the number of visitors to our website as well. STEPS TO FIND THE RIGHT KEYWORDS how to do keyword research Step Set Your Goals The plan must always start with setting a goal.

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That you should review these important questions Who are you What is your brand about What makes you special What is your website about Once you have answere these questions. You will nee to identify what is your brand s mission. Whether you want to increase the number of members or not Or do you have a sales target by a certain date It s important Jordan Phone Number to set your goals. It will guide your SEO strategy and plan including the search keywords you will use. which should align with your goals. It varies for each Content Funnel. Step Make a list of word categories relate to your business. Make a wordlist broken down by your brand s main category and the goals you re aiming for.

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Divide into subgroups And make a list down that is relate to the brand. and what you want to rank on Google For example if you are an FMCG brand that specializes in women s skin care products Topics relate to your brand could be facial cleansing Buy Email List foam for women clear skin shower cream These topics must be important to your business. and relevant to your buyer group Think of a group of topics that your target audience will search for on Google. These topics can be store and later broken down into keywords.

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