The interface is easy to use and all of the features that we’re all usually looking for in a social media marketing tool are all there. . Postplanner postplanner used to be the tool for scheduling facebook updates. Now. This is a much more widespread feature. So postplanner has evolved quite a lot to include  France Phone Number more cool features. Its main focus is now on helping marketers increase their engagement on facebook. Twitter and pinterest. With postplanner. You can easily identify the top performing content for any hashtag. Topic or social media account. Ranked by their virality. 

With this information. You can more easily come up with updates that will increase your engagement. Reach and ultimately your traffic. Postplanner-for-social-media-marketing-tools it’s also a pretty good content curation tool; all you need to do is add your favourite social accounts. Blogs. Hashtags and France Phone Number keywords to have a list of awesome content that you can easily share. As well as use for inspiration for your future posts. Postplanner helps you decide what the best content is with their star rating. So that whenever you see a post with  or  stars. You’ll know it stands a better chance of getting you more engagement. 

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The content is also categorized by photos. Articles and statuses so you can easily diversify your updates and keep your audience more interested and engaged. Postplanner–for-social-media-marketing-tools in fact. Postplanner claim that their features have helped marketers and other users get  more France phone number engagement than any other of the top social media marketing tools. Scheduling content is also very easy. Their plan feature lets you quickly schedule posts for facebook and twitter and arranges them in an easy to use calendar. You can also schedule reoccurring updates and use their cool re-cycle feature to revive all of your top updates so that you can make the most out of them.

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Conclusion: postplanner is the perfect tool for those who want to increase their engagement and publish more targeted. Engaging content. All from one place. That said. Those who want more monitoring and reporting. Might have to look elsewhere. . Hootsuite hootsuite is probably the France Phone Number best-known social media marketing tool on the market. But also one of the most criticized. In the beginning. Hootsuite was the answer to all marketers’ prayers; now. Though. More and more are sharing their grievances with the popular dashboard. From its add-on analytics to the price of its pro and business plans as you add more team members. 

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Personally. My least favourite thing about hootsuite is its interface. Although it’s not complicated per se. It is at times confusing and since there are so many other tools that are much easier to use out there. This is a real problem for me. Another thing that I’m not a big fan of is the hootsuite ow.Ly link shortener. France Phone Number Which you can only track from within hoosuite. When it comes to some of its features though. Hootsuite are definitely back at the top of the list. You can connect your account to over  different social networks. Which is definitely not something you’ll see with many other dashboards. 

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