And what does google like? Right. Google likes text (keywords. Titles. Length and other factors that influence your ranking). Month  ranking factors in google for blogspot image source: moz I didn’t care about google then. What could google give me? I wanted to make friends with people like me. Later my blog List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers did give me the opportunity to meet interesting people all around the globe (writers. Poets. Publishers. Editors. Film-makers. Actors. And so many more). I am no longer alone. I have friends who are always happy to communicate with me. But it was much later. 

What I learned: that it’s better to concentrate on the quality of posts. Not quantity; that you shouldn’t wait for people to talk to you first. It’s you who should talk to them first; that to make friends on the internet. You shouldn’t necessarily need to talk about your house. Husband. And kids. Challenge  – google List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers always wins april was a very unproductive month for my blog. I shared only one post at the end of the month. Though I did have some progress in my learning process about blogging. And I did change the appearance of my posts (yeah. Google won) – now. I have text as well and I know that there is many ways to create images for a blog. And it wasn’t only me who did so. 

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All of us follow google. I remember when I first stumbled upon angela’s writermom blog. I was impressed by her work. She really made her blog thrive! She’s even now a great example for me. I didn’t install any plugins though. Didn’t make any windows pop-up you open a new page. And didn’t List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers any videos that increase the loading time of your blog. That’s what I call gruesome website mistakes that make people despise your website. What I learned: that social media icons are obligatory for a blog; that blog posts should always be meaningful and relevant for the people who will read them. 

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Month  google always wins for blogspot image source: vandelay design challenge  – twitter vs husband thinking about the past became my addiction. I couldn’t post the next part. Even though I didn’t actually like the lead time of my long poem as it was. However. It actually gave me the chance to guest post on List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers poetry and writing. To be interviewed about my poems. And so much more. That’s where I met ericka griffith – a poet and a writer who dedicated her life to the term papers. Inc. And who became one of my mentors and role-models. Yep. Rome wasn’t built in a day. 

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I also started sharing my posts on my social media. At last. I reached it! And you know what? I did have a couple of dms on twitter. Where people asked me about my poems. List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers  Month  dms on twitter for blogspot what I learned: that writing addiction may not be as bad as they say; that twitter is a giant that swallows my time. Challenge  – blogging nerd deplorably. Blogging has receded into the background. I do have a lot of writing and editing work.

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