I use a  step automated email sequence when you opt-in and download my ebooks. Some of the best insights on this art and science can be found in these two books.  Russell brunson’s book “dotcom secrets: the underground book for growing your company online” and the ryan deiss’s book “invisible Luxembourg Phone Number   selling machine“ grow the social networks: despite the myth that organic reach is dead the truth is that it is maybe diminished but it still brings -% of my traffic.

The big one for me is still twitter. It’s role as a news breaking channel means that its organic reach far exceeds facebook’s. The tools I use to keep growing my twitter followers is tweepi that we use manually & social quant which grows your followers using automation. Growing instagram followers is not big for Luxembourg Phone Number  traffic but is useful in the mix. The app we use for that is “socially rich”. This journey to optimise the website should never stop. The biggest challenge is to make sure that the law of diminishing returns doesn’t lead to a waste of money and time. The pareto principle needs to be invoked. 

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Twenty percent of your efforts will produce % of your results. You just need to find out what that % is! Pillar two: marketing the content free content doesn’t make money. But it has some other superpowers. These include traffic generation. Trust building and influence building. A goal for some is not to become an Luxembourg phone number internet marketer but a person of influence and content is where that happens on the social web. This influence can lead to paid speaking at conferences and even getting paid to share content on their blog or social channels. Content needs to move the hub and spoke approach is a model I have used since the start of social web adventures. 

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It is not enough to just to put content on your own site and expect the world to discover it. The content at your hub needs to be distributed and move. Push it out onto every spoke you can find. Where do you start? The blank page syndrome. It happens to all of us. What do you write about and what type of topics should you be creating videos for? The answer is this. If you want to write a lot and create a lot you need to read a lot. Simple content marketing boils down to this: a relentless machine and process that pushes the content out to a waiting world. After its published then you need to share it everywhere and convert that attention into leads. 

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Headlines the headline is where it starts……the attention grabber. Here are some quick tips. Create multiple headlines for the same article: – david ogilvy was famous for having written over  headlines for one advertisement. Upworthy have taken this practice and woven it into their editorial process. Their first step Luxembourg Phone Number  and instruction to all their content creators. “you have to crap out  headlines for every piece of content” large list headlines while seeming to  be redundant and overdone do work! Using headlines that can be defined as having a “curiosity gap” emotion is a key element for making people click and share stack images in your articles.

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