Amazon has managed to position itself as a benchmark. In the e-commerce sector with significant growth rates. In both sales and brand value it is no secret to anyone. That commerce is a shopping modality. That is growing within the preferences of consumers. Around the world, a fact that represents a business. With great potential that some large companies. Such as amazon have managed to capitalize on. Data published. By statista show that the income generated by this type. Of marketing will grow between 2016 and 2020. From 1,182,575 million dollars to 1,77,096. Million dollars globally which means that e-commerce. Slovakia B2B List Will have a penetration of percent in the world population.

With this in mind and for some years now amazon

With this in mind and for some years now amazon. Has managed to position itself as a benchmark. Within the sector with significant growth rates in both. Slovakia B2B List Sales and brand value according to the global. 500 study prepared by brand finance, amazon became. The most valuable brand in the world registering. An annual growth of 42 percent and reaching a. Valuation of 150 thousand 800 million dollars. Amazon to this is added an even more important. Indicator that has to do with the profits reported. By the company in the last financial report. Which reached close to 2 billion dollars during the. Last quarter with the above figures there is no doubt that. Slovakia B2B List Amazon is one of the most important players. In online commerce in the world.

However have you ever wondered how much of what

Slovakia B2B List

However have you ever wondered how much of what. You spend online remains in the hands of the company. Led by jeff bezos although it is difficult to answer the. Question with certainty and in a general. Way due to the variations in consumption. Trends in each market, it is true that by considering. Some data -provided by the bbc we can get an idea. Of ​​how much amazon dominates. And how much it does not in the field of e-commerce. The united states, for every dollar spent on electronic. Purchases 44 cents stays with amazon within. Slovakia B2B List The german market amazon concentrates a quarter. Of the spending that people spend on online purchases.

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