To meet the goal of offering ongoing support, address the following key points:

Look for a personalized virtual environment, with the most appropriate. Resources for the courses you offer and with specialized support. So that your only concern is to teach quality classes. This point is resolved very easily by having a virtual campus that has. Everything necessary for teaching.
Implement a communication channel in the most practical way. Possible to solve the technical or administrative problems of the students. It is preferable to have a team dedicated exclusively to the attention. Of students whose assistance requirements are available on the same virtual campus.

Encourage regular one-on-one interaction with students as.

It is vitally important in this model, and you should always think of them. As human: how are they? How are your families? Are they taking good care of themselves? How can you help? When they know that their authorities are aware. Of their integrity as human beings, then they have the opportunity. To treat them with rigor as students.

Conclusions and some tips
The path from face-to-face to Chief VP Marketing Officer Email Lists online is a transformation. That we have been experiencing for several years; however, given. The advent of a global crisis that has forced us to isolate ourselves at home. The need to exploit and use technological tools in our favor. Has become an obligation.

Some tips to help you in this process are:

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Immerse yourself in the process with patience, include your. Feedback on the dynamic that is being implemented; remember that. Teaching/learning is a team effort between teachers and students.
Check that your program or institution has a support system for students and teachers. Either within the virtual campus or the chosen tool. As well as in the channels selected for it.
You must be organized and have the discipline to devote. The necessary effort to teaching or studying your course.
Be confident in your technological skills and. Competencies and your capacity for self-discipline.
Take advantage of the global network of contacts. That online education gives you by meeting students and teachers. From all over the world.
Much success in this new digital age!

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