Fans at work ‘Give away’ your brand Wuhan Mobile Phone Number to the community on Twitter. Hardly anyone dares to do it, but Sweden did it. Marvel also lent its twitter account @Iron_Man to fans for a day, just before the film’s Wuhan Mobile Phone Number launch. Patrick Kampmann , on behalf of his agency Volontaire, explained that it was time for Sweden to show some more progressive values ​​of the country: beyond IKEA and Wuhan Mobile Phone Number Abba. Sweden is a tolerant country. And what better way to show that than to let your residents have their say? The idea for Sweden’s new campaign was born.

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Well, what could go wrong if you Wuhan Mobile Phone Number gave a twitter account to a different resident every week with a short, verbal briefing without too many rules? A lot, it turned out. Because who is not aware of the incidents caused by the various never intervened. Why not? If you want to convey the value ‘tolerant’, you Wuhan Mobile Phone Number have to be that yourself, according to Patrick. This also means that you should not intervene if something threatens to go wrong. Trust the trustees and help them if they Wuhan Mobile Phone Number are open to it. With luck and patience, they got over several incidents, even that of a Wikileaks attack .

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The fans of solved it for them, there Wuhan Mobile Phone Number was never any intervention from ‘above’. Now that the novelty of the curated account has worn off, people often ask: when are you going to stop? Patrick: “ Who cares? Because that’s when it ends, when nobody cares anymore. † Fast is the key in crises Cindy Penders, external communication manager ING NL, said it again honestly and openly: we did it wrong. Of Wuhan Mobile Phone Number course she referred to the online banking incident a few weeks ago, in which many ING customers saw incorrect balances on their account. “Fast is more important than correct, as Wuhan Mobile Phone Number it turned out. We chose to wait until we could provide a correct answer, rather than responding quickly that we are aware of the issue but are still figuring out what’s wrong.

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