Intro-image-for-future-of-infographic image source on top of all that. Content is being created at an alarming rate –  of marketers create at least one piece of new content each and every day! As more and more people begin creating. One thing becomes clear: to be seen. You have to stand out. Singapore Phone Number Naturally. Content marketers are already looking to the future of visual content. Seeing what they can play with now. What they can implement. And what new technologies are just on the horizon. This forward thinking is what can make or break your content marketing efforts; you have to adapt or you’ll be drowned out. With visual content like infographics. Marketers have the unique position of seeing the future as it approaches. 

Businesses. Graphic designers. And marketers are all starting to play with infographics – update them to make them even more appealing to audiences. Even if you “just got the hang of” regular infographics. It’s never too early to see which trends are starting to develop. Nor is it too early to learn how to Singapore Phone Number implement them in your own content marketing strategies. If you want to get a glimpse into the future. And maybe even learn which infographic maker is best for you before everyone else jumps on the bandwagon. Now is the time! Here are three types of infographics that are going to be most common in the (very near) future. If you’re looking for a great tool for creating infographics. I recommend checking out visme.

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 They offer a free account to get you started and have some amazing features for non-designers. Get your free account now. Conent marketing guide free download the ultimate guide to content marketing for business first name * email * download now . Interactive infographics while we’ve seen the beauty Singapore phone number of interactive websites and user-friendly games. Interactive infographics are still fairly new on the block. As infographics. They obviously contain some sort of information and are visually dynamic. But throwing the interactive element allows users to connect with the information and make it their own.

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Regardless of your business. Product. Service. Or message. You can create an interactive infographic that allows people to evaluate themselves (like the “calculate your own bmi here” link in the image below). Users can also click on relevant information that sends them to more in-depth sources or Singapore Phone Number back to your landing page. Thus generating traffic. This is a highly adaptable and fun way to engage your audience. A number of marketers have already adapted to this style of infographic. And it’s catching on quickly. But while other people have focused on simple interactions: interactive-infographics-for-future-of-infographic see the full interactive infogaphic here. ….

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Think about what else you could do with an interactive infographic. You might try: including scroll-over tactics that make images or figures stand out larger than the background building in “pop-ups” that expand sections of text connecting images or statistics when they get clicked on making your Singapore Phone Number infographic into multiple pages that users can click through for a great example of an interactive infographic. Check out this one: for-a-great-example-of-an-interactive-infographic-for-future-of-infographic to make an infographic highly interactive (with scroll-overs. Pop-ups. Etc.)

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