With traffic turning up from search. Social and email and referral attention being driven from other embedd links and sites then your passive assets can become cash machines and atm’s. A reward for your years of expertise distill in a book(s) and online course(s). Here are two core types of product Lithuania Phone Number marketing strategies. Passive product marketing as you build traffic from organic sources such as social and search you need to make sure that you have the ability to convert that into leads and sales. Some obvious inclusions mean that you need to capture their attention when they show up. 

This includes: website banners – these don’t have high conversion rates and they are best us for affiliate revenue from trust partners or for your own books and courses. Lithuania Phone Number Website tabs – again these will not convert  at a high rate but books and low cost great value for money courses will produce a good base revenue email opt-ins from the pop-ups offering free content (also known as lead magnets). With website traffic turning up every day the automation and optimisation of converting traffic into leads and sales is a piece of the revenue puzzle. The downside of this is that it doesn’t force a decision. Many people look but many don’t buy. This is where active marketing comes in. 

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Putting in place a marketing funnel and campaign that creates an online decision making process. Active product marketing active product marketing provides an essential element that doesn’t come from products and offers that are always available. That element is scarcity. Scarcity can be creat by taking down the course. Bonuses going away or the price going up. What products and services can be sold using a launch Lithuania phone number process? There are many but here are the essential few. Marketing onlinetraining launching a book running a mastery events selling access to a monthly subscription site that builds mastery this will require creating a sales funnel that can be as simple as a simple funnel ending in a landing page for buying a $. book right through to a much longer sequence when launching a $. online training product. 

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The rule of thumb is that the more expensive the product the longer the marketing funnel. Education and sequence. So what does one of those that sequences look like? The “product Lithuania Phone Number launch formula” made famous by jeff walker is maybe the best example of the cycle of content and events required to sell a  figure product online. This method is a tried and proven online marketing model that has been honed over the last  years. 

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To gain a deeper understanding of the model his book  “launch” is essential reading. Jeff walker book launch image source: amazon it works on the tried and tested call to action strategies that include educating before asking for the order. Building trust and credibility. Creating scarcity and also providing Lithuania Phone Number evidence of social proof. Distilled -step overview: start with a premium opt-in lead magnet like a free e-book sent to your email list. You can also share this with your social networks. Continue to build your opt-ins for your product launch with a free pdf. These are quick and easy to create. 

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