This works for businesses that have several products or if you have a premium version of the same product. This type of lead magnet can get you a lot of free subscribers. But the free sign ups will only convert to customers if the free product is of top quality. An example of a company that uses free products to get Estonia Phone Number List sign ups is creative market. Creative market is an online marketplace where creatives like designers and photographers can list and sell visual assets like images. Vectors and other things for designers. Marketers. Bloggers and business owners.

 Products-make-great-lead-magnets to get people to sign up. Creative market offers  new products for free every week. All you need to do is sign up for an account and you can download these products for free. They change these products every single week. Even people who have already signed up can download Estonia Phone Number List these new products week after week. This is a great way to get more subscribers and to get the buzz out about their free lead magnets as existing users who download the products will inform their friends and followers. . Free tools and analyzers several businesses are creating tools that analyze peoplebusinesses and provide personalized reports. 

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Their target audience can use these tools to check how well they are faring. But in order to use them. They need to provide their email address in exchange. Many people won’t mind Estonia phone number  doing this if in exchange for an email address they are getting a highly personalized report. Hubspot-website-grader-lead-magnet a great example is hubspot’s website grader. To use this tool all you need to do is submit your website url and your email address. The website grader will audit the website and tell you what’s good about the site. What’s bad and the steps you can take to improve it. 

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As hubspot provides online marketing software this helps them attract very relevant leads. A similar example is leadpage’s landing page grader. Leadpages also have another free tool called rapidology. As both these tools help people increase their website conversion rates they attract sign ups from a Estonia Phone Number List relevant target audience. . Content upgrades a content upgrade is a lead magnet that is specifically created for a blog post. You create a unique one for each blog post. This strategy can increase conversion rates by . Conversion rates are extremely high because you sort of make each blog post into a landing page.

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 The content upgrade can range from something simple like the pdf version of the post. To a checklist. To an email course. Sumome experimented with different content upgrades and found that spreadsheets and ebooks work best. Offering the ebook version of the post the person is reading will only work if the Estonia Phone Number List post is very long like this .+ word post. You can ask people to sign up for the ebook version of the post so that they can read it later. If your post is shorter. You will need to put more effort and create a quality lead magnet like a checklist or video. If you plan to use this technique make sure you put a lot of effort into researching. Writing and promoting this post. 

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