Do you have a blog.  kids. And a full-time job? If yes. You can understand why I have chosen the word “confession” for my article. If not. You’re going to when you read it through to the end. You are not a blogger. If you face no challenges. Blogging is always about challenges. Big or small. My first challenges List of the Mobile Phone Numbers were connected with my writing destined to be published on my future blog. These were the days when my head was spinning like a windmill. Because I wanted to write more. But I didn’t have enough time. The pre-blogging preparations were indeed a big challenge for me.

However. The next set of challenges I faced were still much more provocative… blogging guide free download the ultimate guide to blogging for small business first name * email * List of the Mobile Phone Numbers download now challenge  – christmas and satellites it was really a tough time. As it was the beginning of december and I had to prepare for the holidays. The kids wanted something special and I had to give them that. After all. They still believe that santa claus exists and that he comes to us every year on his sled with the reindeers (they know each by name and every time prepare plates with cookies and milk). My first challenge started with the christmas decorating issue. 

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I did have a couple of ideas. But they all seemed so plain to me. So I needed some freshness badly. Christmas in california is a different thing for sure and it requires special preparations. So. I needed ideas and I went to… google. Of course. Where else? The first thing I found was  christmas decorating List of the Mobile Phone Numbers ideas you can create without a tree. It suddenly dawned on me that I could actually do all of that and. Moreover. I could share the whole process with people. I can’t remember why I thought I could organize all that. But somehow I decided to give it a try.

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Some mom bloggers like gwendalyn abrams. For example. Accepted the challenge of being an only parent and raising their child alone. Gwendalyn did it with the help of telling travel stories about her daughter and herself. I was going to accept my challenge with the help of christmas. So. I needed a blog to List of the Mobile Phone Numbers share my decorating progress. What did I know about blogs? Practically nothing. Notions such as “keywords”. “plugins”. “viral content”. And “seo” (first I thought it was something connected with space and the ability of satellites to send signals) were completely unfamiliar to me.

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Month  seo for blogspot what I learned: that to start a blog. I should have enough time (which I didn’t. As the girls took every spare second I had when not writing); that I wanted to share the result of my christmas decorations. That was it. Challenge  – pseudo-blogging and a maniac well. Nothing to List of the Mobile Phone Numbers boast of. I created a blog on blogspot and struggled to post anything initially. Guess what was the name of the blog? You’ll never guess. It was mychristmas. Wait. Wait. Wait. Don’t get too reproachful. Yeah. I didn’t know then that I could choose a decent domain name. It was unbearably difficult to make heads or tails of what exactly to do.

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