Mavsocial-for-social-media-marketing-tools mavsocial has its own social inbox where you get all of your mentions. Comments and replies from all connected social networks. Similar to buffer in a way. Mavsocial aims to help you post better visual content to your social networks. Mavsocial allows you access to a Greece Phone Number library of over  million royalty-free images from sources like getty images. Pixabay and more. And you can even edit your photos from within the tool. Conclusion: mavsocial has everything you need from a social media management tool with the added feature of finding and adding images to your posts directly from within the tool. . 

Oktopost oktopost-for-social-media-marketing-tools oktopost stand among all of the other social media marketing tools as it’s dedicated to bb marketing. That said. Its features are similar to most other dashboards. With the menu on the left hand side of the screen and its different streams. Oktopost looks quite Greece Phone Number similar to the popular hootsuite. The design is a bit cleaner and sleeker than hootsuite in my opinion. Making for a better browsing experience. You can use oktopost to easily monitor keywords. Mentions of your brand. Company pages and more. In a similar way to hootsuite. It also has a social inbox where you can see every comment from all of your social accounts in one place. 

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In other words, Oktopost helps you post better content to your audiences with their content curation feature. Social amplification is probably my favourite feature from oktopost. You can basically make use of your employees in an entirely new way. By helping them become thought leaders and Greece phone number brand advocates for your business. Oktopost also provides detailed analytics and beautiful reports. And helps you track any conversions you make on social media. Conclusion: overall. Oktopost is a great tool for bb companies and marketers. As it has most. If not all of the features you need for a complete social media strategy. . 

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Therefore, Tailwind tailwind is a social media marketing tool for the visual marketer who uses instagram and pinterest. If you’re an avid pinterest user. This is definitely the perfect tool for you. You can use it to pin content to multiple boards. Monitor mentions and conversations. Easily drag and drop Greece Phone Number content in your calendar and create multiple pins from any website with their browser extension. Tailwind-for-social-media-marketing-tools tailwind also helps post pins better. By automatically optimizing your pinning schedule based on your audience. You also get detailed analytics so you know which content works best and which doesn’t. 

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The instagram features will be coming soon and tailwind promise similar features to the pinterest ones – remains to be seen how well it will work. Conclusion: tailwind is perfect for pinterest marketers. However. If you’re using more social networks and your pinterest strategy isn’t too complex. You can Greece Phone Number probably do just as well with one of the more full-featured social media marketing tools. . Social quant twitter is arguably the best “universal” platform for social media marketing. Customer service. Increased reach and visibility and for getting more traffic to your website. Social quant aims to help you get better results from twitter: more engagement. More targeted followers and increased brand awareness. 

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