Pierce brosnan, known, among other roles for having. Been agent 007, visited two emblematic madrid. Museums last wednesday to enjoy the current. Ingress exhibition at the prado museum and the. Permanent collection of the reina sofía. where he has been photographed in front of the. famous work el guernica by pablo picasso. an image that has been posted on the networks and. Has sparked controversy pierce brosnan.Two emblematic madrid museums last wednesday. To enjoy the current ingress exhibition at the prado. Museum and the permanent collection of the reina sofía. Where he has been photographed sales marketing directors managers email lists.

Guernica by pablo picasso an image that

Guernica by pablo picasso an image that. Sparked controversy and it is that the actor posted. Sales Marketing Directors Managers Email Lists A photo on facebook outside the prado. While from the twitter account of the reina.  in contrast,In front of the famous painting along with the. Message today our “guernica” has received. A visit from pierce brosnan’s a comment that has. Sparked controversy on social networks as they have .Criticized the fact that photos of the works or together.Because it is a celebrity the criticism has not been. Directed towards brosnan who does not seem to even.

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But towards the museum for publishing

But towards the museum for publishing. It and allowing it. Given the avalanche of complaints from users for what they have considered undemocratic behavior, as well as inappropriate, the reina sofía has published a statement on its facebook account, to apologize, while explaining that it was “An action of communication” of the museum, like “many other similar ones carried out throughout history”. “this is an initiative that seeks to promote knowledge of the work and the museum, both inside and outside of spain, and to take advantage of the opportunity that a person from the world of culture has decided to visit the reina sofía during their stay. Sales Marketing Directors Managers Email Lists In madrid.

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