The neoclassical theory considers that the administration is a basic social technique. This implies that the administrator must know, in addition to the technical and specific aspects of her work, the aspects related to the management of people in organizations. The neoclassical theory arose with the exaggerated growth of organizations. One of the answers he sought to give was related to the dilemma of centralization versus decentralization. Much of the work of the neoclassicists is oriented towards the factors that lead to decentralization, as well as the advantages and disadvantages that it produces. The neoclassical theory highlights the functions of the administrator: planning, organization, direction and control.

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Taken together, the administrative functions constitute the administrative process. In addition, Planning is the administrative function that determines the objectives in advance, and what must be done to achieve them. Thus, setting objectives is the Armenia Phone Number first step in planning. In addition, There is a hierarchy of objectives  to reconcile the simultaneous objectives that occur in a company, which range from; organizational objectives to policies, guidelines, goals, programs, procedures, methods and standards. As for its coverage, the; Planning can occur at three levels: strategic, tactical, and operational. There are four kinds of plans: procedures, budgets, programs or schedules, and rules or regulations.

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In addition, The administrative organization that groups the activities necessary to carry out what was planned. Regarding its coverage, the organization can occur at three levels. Global (organizational design), departmental (design by departments) and operational (design of positions and tasks). Management is the administrative function that guides and guides the behavior of people based on the objectives to be  achieved. It is an Buy Email List activity of communication, motivation and leadership, since it basically refers to people. In addition, Regarding its coverage, the address can be presented in three levels; global (direction), departmental (management) and operational (supervision). Control is the administrative function that seeks to ensure that. What was planned, organized and directed actually fulfilled the planned objectives. The control consists of four phases: establishment of criteria or standards, observation, performance.

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