Salesforce Women Network, the Equality Group that works to promote the inclusion of women in the technology sector Melina Rochi, Program Manager, Workplace Services at Salesforce, and leader of the Salesforce Women Network in Argentina tells how this group of women and allies works to amplify female inclusion in leadership positions. Melina Rochi is from Argentina and has been working at Salesforce for 5 years. She works as a Program Manager in the Real State and Workplace Services team, and is President of the Salesforce Women Network (SWN) in Argentina, a group of women and allies that have an impact on gender equality, diversity and inclusion in Salesforce. ,

Above all, graduated from an MBA at CEMA University and did an exchange semester at WHU, a Business and Administration School in Germany. She is also an assistant professor at the UCEMA university in the subject “Digital Skills and Leadership”. In her spare time she loves to travel, read, spend time with her family and her dog Pipo. What is the Salesforce Women Network and what is its purpose? Salesforce Women’s Network (SWN) is one of our Equality Groups at Salesforce. Equality Groups are employee-led organizations that support underrepresented communities. Our group aims to amplify the progress of women towards our vision of 50% women in leadership positions.

Strategic Associations  Different

Actors in society, support connections Greece phone number within the company and disseminating messages and awareness training on gender equality, among other things. What would you say to someone who is thinking of starting a career in the IT sector? That IT is a fascinating world, full of incredible opportunities and fields of application for all tastes. That the main ingredients needed are curiosity and a commitment to lifelong learning. That they will never be bored and that they will never lack a job offer and a good salary. I would tell them to start now and it is.. And if you ever dreamed of a place in IT or are dreaming it now.

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Therefore, you can! Many of us could! Do not give up! Tell us about some activities that you have carried out, or some that you are planning for this year. 2021 was a year full of new projects and activities! An example to highlight was the work we carri out with “ Chicas en Tecnología ”. A non-profit civil society organization based in Argentina. This NGO, with which we have been working since its inception . Has been seeking since 2015 to reduce the gender gap in the technological entrepreneurial environment at the regional level. This year was very particular, because not only did we participate in almost 10 initiatives with the aim .

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He Salesforce system for its operation. As a result of this project, “Chicas en Tecnología” will be able to carry out, among other things, a better follow-up of the participants of its programs, measure its impact more precisely and continue to expand it exponentially. The synergy that we find in this alliance allows us to take advantage of the “Girls in Technology” programs to be able to reach more and more young people, and try to inspire them to start their careers in technology and accompany them during the process. At the same time we promote its mission in society through our products.By volunteers that we recruited internally.

Therefore, and who constantly work on the vision of reaching 50% women in leadership roles. However, to achieve this, we work through actions aimed at professional  . And personal development. If you are a woman and you dedicated yourself to your family and. your children are starting to build their own lives . They probably don’t need you full time anymore. never too late to start a career in IT. of inspiring more women to work in technology from an early age, but we also launched a volunteer pro-bono project led o accompany the Organization in the implementation of .

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