Spending on programmatic digital advertising. In 2016 in the united states is estimated to reach. 22.10 billion dollars a growth. Of percent compared to what was reported last year. One of the elements in digital marketing. That is gaining a lot of popularity lately is the purchase. Of programmatic advertising or programmatic advertising. Due to its reach in the online world, for which all. Marketing experts and brands must. Have their data about it. Vp financial email lists. Programmatic advertising is the name given. To automation in the purchase of advertising space. Together with,on sites and apps vp financial email lists in.

 In more than half of the investment in digital display

In more than half of the investment in digital display. Mainly in video and mobile two areas that have been. VP Financial Email Lists Trends for some time and that will. Continue to grow this year this is what projections. Refer to in a new emarketer report indicate that. Spending on programmatic digital advertising in 2016. In the united states reached 22.10 billion dollars. equally,A growth of 39.7 percent compared to what was. Reported last year. For mobile programmatic advertising. Estimates put spending at $15.45 billion. VP Financial Email Lists In the united states.

VP Financial Email Lists

Which represents percent of all programming

Which represents percent of all programming.  Continue for 2017 when mobile video programmatic. spend is expected to be $3.89 billion. Higher than its desktop counterpart this trend according. likewise,to specialists is largely driven by major technology. Companies such as facebook -which includes instagram. Whatsapp and facebook messenger. Alphabet google youtube, and linkedin-among others. Vp financial email lists some sectors are betting on this type of advertising. In their marketing strategies including the media. Companies such as nbcuniversal time warner viacom. And, vp financial email lists recently fox networks announced.

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