According to data from the content marketing institute. Many companies and bloggers have increased. The use of different promotional tactics to drive traffic. To the different content they develop. Including the use of paid campaigns. Which saw their use increase by 93 percent during the 2014. Although paid campaigns can be very effective. This does not mean that those who develop. The content should limit themselves only to that tactic. It is advisable to experiment with other methods to maximize. Traffic generation after all according. To data from a study referred by impact for 53 percent of marketers. In different companies blogging is one of the. Priorities within their content marketing efforts.

Therefore Today We Will Talk About a Tactic to Direct Traffic

Therefore today we will talk about a tactic to direct traffic. To the blog without investing in ads and that can be very effective. Buy Japan Whatsapp Numbers It is email marketing, according to campaign monitor. If you are looking to drive traffic to your content. Th.Ese are some of the best actions you can implement. Send newsletters with your best pieces a newsletter sent. On a regular basis is an excellent. Way to direct traffic to your blog the effort can achieve. The above does not end there it is advisable to work on the emails. That will be sent using attractive subject lines. Without falling into clickbait offer a good variety. Of content and incorporate attractive visual elements.

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Use Gamification Creativity Can Go Hand in Hand With Fulfilling

Use gamification creativity can go hand in hand with fulfilling. An objective such as generating traffic to your blog. Since it can boost engagement .Which is why elements such as gamification. Can be considered useful to develop it. According to campaign monitor there are platforms. With which this can be developed in different ways. Which do not require such complex. Elements, for example it can be a simple quiz with something. Related to the content that directs people to a landing page or a specific. Section on your blog add the customization. The last recommendation is to integrate a personal touch to the messages. In the campaigns. As you know, personalization is one brand. Towards its consumers just remember that. You have to go beyond simply placing the name of the. Subscribers in your messages,you can work other actions.

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