Did you know that up to 80 percent of business decision. Makers prefer to obtain information from companies. Through a series of articles rather than through. Advertising this is a reality identified by. Content marketing institute that says that advertising. Can be annoying to a certain extent and that articles. Created by third parties can generate more trust. This is where the work of those in charge of public. Relations becomes even more importan. Since the struggle to get a media outlet. To write about a company or brand can be difficult. Australia Business Fax List  Information reported by webbiquity indicates that. Journalists receive up to 100 press releases every week. But there are a few who achieve their goal.

Assuming that your company managed it the pr agency

Assuming that your company managed it the pr agency. Or the internal team of your brand or organization managed. Australia Business Fax List To get a media outlet to write about you in a positive way. What next does it all end there no. It does not end there it is necessary to continue working. With this material and to get the most out of it. Marketo recommends 4 actions that can be executed. With this content that can be considered remarkable. These are take it to social media the first recommended. Action is to share it with your community through. Your social channels facebook. Australia Business Fax List Twitter instagram etc this type of content serves to get out. Of the routine a bit with all that content that they become.

Use it as an incentive this material can be of great help

Australia Business Fax List

Use it as an incentive this material can be of great help. To motivate the work team and those brand advocates. That your brand has for this reason it is also recommendable. To make it easier for these individuals. To share this content so that the word spreads. Or rather, its visibility is improved its reach and serves. To support the positive comments that advocates. And employees make about the brand. 3. Promote it. Although this point may sound similar to the first 2. The difference in promoting it implies that it is necessary. Australia Business Fax List To allocate a budget to promote its dissemination. An action of this type executed on platforms such as social networks. Could make the information reach more people.

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