Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection Can Be Said to Be One of the Most Troublesome Urinary Diseases Among Female Friends, and the Most Troublesome Urinary System Inflammatory Disease for Male Friends Should Be Prostate Inflammation. Some Basic Knowledge Where is the Prostate? The Prostate is a Male-only Organ. It is Located Under the Bladder and Behind the Urethra, So When Urinating, Urine Will Pass From the Bladder Through the Prostate Before Entering the Urethra. 1_yvxpvnlnq8ru57s-3deviw Photo Credit: Mr. Bird Science What is the Prostate Used for? The Prostate is a Reproductive Organ.

The Function of the Prostate is

Mainly Nigeria Phone Number Responsible for the Secretion of Prostate Fluid, and the Prostate Fluid is an Important Component of Semen. It is Responsible for Providing Sugar and Zinc Ions to Enhance Sperm Motility, So That Sperm Can Swim Faster. Good Again. Is There Any Difference Between Prostate Inflammation and Urinary Tract Inflammation? In Fact, People Often Mix These Words in Clinical and Life: Urethral Inflammation, Bladder Inflammation, Urinary Tract Inflammation. Strictly Speaking, Uti is a Broad Term That Includes Inflammation of the Urethra, Prostate, and Bladder. Inflammation of These Organs Can Also Occur at the Same Time, So People Often Use These Words Interchangeably. Arrow_forward_iosunderstand More Powered by Gliastudio What is Prostate Inflammation? Simply Put, the Prostate Accumulates a Lot of Immune Cells for Some Reason, Causing Tissue Infiltration and Causing Discomfort. But It’s Not That Simple.

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Inflammation of the Prostate

Can be divided into acute prostate inflammation .(acute prostatitis) and chronic prostate inflammation. (chronic prostatits) acute prostate inflammation is usually. Caused by a bacterial infection. Because bacteria from urinary tract infections. Urinary tract surgery, sexually transmitted diseases. Etc. Invade the prostate, causing acute inflammation. Usually, this disease is accompanied by .Obvious painful urination, frequent urination. Lower abdominal pain, and if it is more serious. There may be fever, prostate metaplasia, etc. Chronic prostate inflammation .Is relatively complex. Chronic prostate inflammation usually occurs within 3 to 6 months, with recurrent discomfort in the pelvis or perineum (that is, behind the testes and between the anus). Accompanied by lower urinary tract symptoms (painful urination.Frequent urination, urinary urgency, urinary incontinence) or sexual dysfunction,. Hematospermia, etc. Chronic prostate inflammation. Can be divided into bacterial and non-bacterial. Mainly according to the examination mentioned later, but in principle, the.

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