Many data scientists will tell you that data is not boring – it tells a story. One that can influence people and industries to grow and adapt. As the field of data science and the technologies surrounding data visualization continue to grow. It’s time to step into the stream. Start looking at your business as a great Ivory Coast Phone Number source of information. And use that information to influence what you provide your audience and customers.If you’re a marketer. You’ve probably heard of email marketing automation. Email marketing automation is an essential part of building a profitable email list for any online business. 

In this article I’ll try to cover some important points: how does email automation work? What type of events trigger automation? The main terms you need to know before Ivory Coast Phone Number getting started email marketing automation tools if you are unsure of everything email automation can do for you. Then read on… traffic guide free download the ultimate guide to website traffic for business first name * email * download now how does email automation work? With email automation. When an event happens. An email is triggered (automatically sent). The email is sent from your email marketing tool or from your marketing automation tool. The relevance of the email. And its timing is important. 

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With a bit of smart automation. You can send the right email at the right time and to the right person. With information that is relevant to them. Based on the actions they take on your website. Another important thing is cleaning your email list. By doing so. You know that the email addresses are real and Ivory Coast phone number still active. Read more about how to clean your email list here. What type of events trigger an automation? Below are some simple examples to understand what I am talking about: email after someone signs up to your email list email when a website visitor is a previous subscriber – when someone is an email subscriber and visits your website. Some email marketing tools can track which pages 

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They have visited on your website and then trigger an email based on this. Survey response – you sent an email to your subscribers and asked them if they were interested in a product. Based on their answer. A different email (or series of emails) is automatically sent. Cart abandonment email – if you collect Ivory Coast Phone Number the email address of the person during the sales process – or if you already have the email address as the customer is an existing subscriber – you can follow up via email to encourage them to come back. Did you know that the average cart abandonment rate for e-commerce providers is over %. 

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More than half of shoppers abandon their purchase after adding products to their cart. What are the main terms you need to know before you start with email automation? Before Ivory Coast Phone Number you get started with email automation. You need to get familiar with some of the most used terms of email marketing: opt-in/subscribe – when someone opts in to receive emails from you double opt-in – when someone opts in to receive emails from you and they need to confirm their opt-in

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