That’s good – we could always use more emphasis on high quality content. The further we get away from shallow. Garbage content that’s stuff with random keywords and lacking Nigeria Phone Number  any real value for the reader. The better. It wasn’t too long ago that the search results were as vast as an ocean. But as shallow as a puddle. That’s a content landscape that I don’t ever want to revisit again. Still. Most of the popular advice these days is focus on content – almost too focus. 

We can debate the value of short form content versus .+ word blog posts and highlight the importance of stacking value indefinitely. But these discussions exclude marketers who don’t want to rely primarily on written content. What about e-commerce brands or other companies that drive Nigeria Phone Number  engagement and sales through their social channels with visual content? A x content post doesn’t really help there. But if visuals are more your style. Then there are plenty of ways to x your social graphics to boost your content strategy and capture your audience’s attention in the middle of their browsing. 

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Social media guide free download the ultimate guide to social media marketing for business first name * email * download now . Create infographics in just about every industry. You can bet there are countless data hounds roaming in the audience. This is one of the reasons why infographics tend to perform well. In fact. Studies show that infographics are often liked and shared x more than any other form of content on social media. People Nigeria phone number love data. And infographics make it even easier to process the hard numbers. Tidbits of value-packed info. Along with eye-catching visuals. Simplify the process of evaluating data for consumers. You don’t even need to hire a costly infographic designer to create an infographic. 

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There are tools and services like piktochart and canva that let you plug in data. Choose from themes and templates (free and paid options available). And put together an infographic on the fly. Infographics take on a variety of forms. So don’t assume they’re just for nerd culture or millennials. Brands often Nigeria Phone Number  use infographics in clever ways to gain shares and brand lift. Like this one from men’s apparel store samuel-windsor. Create-infographics-for-visual-marketing-tips or this one from slate showing which groups are involved in the syrian conflict. Create-infographics–for-visual-marketing-tips . Compile user-generated content the more you engage with your fans. The more likely they are to share photos with you. 

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This activity is most common with product-related brands. But it can work for service industries as well. User-generated content can be used in a variety of ways. Including reposting on your own social media channels to show appreciation for fans that reached out and connect with you. You can even take Nigeria Phone Number  this type of content to the next level by combining multiple users’ submissions into mini presentations or custom slideshows – like a music video to put your biggest supporters in the spotlight and thank them for their loyalty. Another successful approach I’ve seen was a brand compiling the pictures their reps took during promotional events or tradeshows. And subsequently creating a showcase video that was shared throughout the company’s social channels.

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