The principle of contrast helps you make arguments stronger and. Therefore. More memorable for readers due to the emphasis you place on them. One more example comes from william shakespeare’s sonnet : “my mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun; coral is far more red than her lips’ red; if snow be white. Finland Phone Number Why then her breasts are dun; if hairs be wires. Black wires grow on her head.” contrasting his beloved one to the sun. Coral. Snow. And wire. The author wants us to understand how extraordinary this woman is. Some more examples of using contrast in marketing: “holidays gone. But kilos stay?” (fitness) “some get old. Some get mature.” 

Dewar’s  special reserve) “long night of short films.” (a movie festival)  image source: romania-insider . The principle of comparison as some writers joke. If you don’t have words to describe a thing – compare (or oppose) it to something. The trick is to choose an interesting object of comparison. Example: “the Finland Phone Number difference between ‘I like you’ and ‘I love you’ explained. When you like a flower. You just pluck it. But when you love a flower. You water it daily.” ~ author unknown but be careful while choosing things or phenomena to compare in your content. With an eye to not sound awkward. Controversial. Or stupid. Make sure your comparison will at least be up to scratch. If not relevant.

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In a brief history of time. Stephen hawking did it right:  image source: twitter . The principle of parallel this one is close to comparison but less straightforward: you take the information you need to get across to readers and draw an analogy to something that makes this info more understandable Finland phone number and memorable for them.  image source: pinterest the principle of parallel can become your magic weapon of making bare facts interesting. Thus. When I was a listener to the training about excel. The speaker introduced himself as follows: “I am an excel expert born in the year of this program’s first launch.” 

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And here is how the principle of parallel works in marketing posts on social media:  image source: twitter when you change the order of elements in two parallel rows. It’s a kind of the given principle. Too. Known as chiasmus. Or structure reversal. It’s widely used in literature and speeches. “mankind must put Finland Phone Number an end to war or war will put an end to mankind.” – john f. Kennedy . The principle of asking the right question socrates was among the first gurus evaluating the significance of asking the right questions. And every pr manager would confirm that questions can engage. Make us think. And goad into communication. 

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That is why it seems strange that content writers use them so rarely. Here are some examples: “have no time to visit a doctor?” (the ad on a med website) “is your d smart Finland Phone Number enough?” (the ad for smart tv) questions work well for banners and article subheadings. As you know. Users scan a text to decide whether they want to continue reading it; so. The trick with questions can catch the eye and get readers interested in your information.

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