For instance, For bloggers. Content creation is important – without it. You’ve got little more than another abandoned blog. Left to collect digital dust in some deserted corner of the world wide web. Because of this. Bloggers set on growing their platforms frequently spend countless hours every week creating content. In their minds. The more they write. They more they publish. The more they publish. The better off their blogs will be. Armenia Phone Number And though true to a certain extent. There’s a smarter. More effective way to go about doing things without producing droves of low-quality. High-volume blog content – this is where content pillars come into focus. Coming to better understand content pillars content pillars are lengthy. Information-heavy pieces of content.

They can be about anything and can take the form of just about any long-form content type. The following are a few real-life examples from different industries and areas of interest. Armenia Phone Number Whether you’re blogging for yourself or for business. Content pillars are essential: ) automotive – blog posts blue-box-with-automotive-informationfor-how-to-quickly-create-blog-content image source: sellmax ) social media – e-books the-ultimate-guide-to-instagram-marketingfor-how-to-quickly-create-blog-content image source: kickstagram ) solar energy – e-guides the-complete-guide-to-residential-solar-panels-for-how-to-quickly-create-blog-content image source: solar tribune even white papers. Video modules and how-to series make for incredible content pillars. 

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In other words, Content pillars aren’t the easy way out let it be known now. Though… to create an awesome content pillar. You’ll need to put forth a great deal of time. Effort and energy. Content pillars are carefully researched and often feature primary research or data. The more unique. Valuable information you can provide. The better. Think about it – the vast majority of blog content online is garbage. More Armenia phone number often than not. It consists of regurgitated information that’s meant to please search engines – not readers. Text-with-an-overabundance-of-keyword-use-for-how-to-quickly-create-blog-content image source: nys zone when done correctly. However. Not only will your content pillars directly address your audience’s most pressing pain points. They’ll also build rapport with google as an authoritative. Go-to resource for high-quality information. 

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However, Creating a content pillar can be a painstaking process. But it’s well worth it. Now that you know what a content pillar is and have seen a few examples. Let’s get back to the russian dolls … finally. Content pillars and russian dolls the beauty of content pillars is that. Just like russian dolls. They can Armenia Phone Number easily be broken down into a series of smaller. More manageable sizes. Yes. Your grandmother might be content to have a massive work of traditional russian art on full display in her living room. But it’s likely that you’d be happier with something a bit smaller. 

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Therefore, Thanks to the nature of russian dolls. You’re able to have the best of both worlds … big and small – content pillars work the same way. Putting an end to the ‘quality vs. Quantity’ debate let me ask you this – are you familiar with the term “dichotomy”? A dichotomy is the division between two Armenia Phone Number things that are seemingly incapable of coexisting. For example. You’ve heard someone say. “if you’re not for us. You’re against us.” right? In this situation. There appears to only be two options. However. Upon closer examination. What we actually have on our hands is what’s known as a “false dichotomy.”

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