For example, think of promotional pages Georgia Phone Number that are only intend for people who receive the link directly, instead of finding the link via Google. Updating a large site is quite a task. Often a test version of the new website that has yet to be launch is available online. This website is secure and only accessible by the Georgia Phone Number developers with a password. Test version pages are not suppose to be indexe, so they often all have a noindex tag for add security . When the test version of the website is Georgia Phone Number fully approve, it can replace the existing website. But sometimes people forget to remove the noindex tags first.

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The result is that no page is indexed Georgia Phone Number by Google, and therefore cannot be found. Transavia also made this mistake when renewing the site. As if the inaccessibility of the old pages wasn’t enough, the new pages were not indexed either. There are few better ways to make yourself completely invisible on the Georgia Phone Number internet. mistake… Prevention is better than repair Let’s learn from the real-world cases of the big companies, because they made it to the media. It’s much more common on a smaller scale, but Georgia Phone Number you never hear about it. Even today I am still confronted with these kinds of issues.

Georgia Phone Number
Georgia Phone Number

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Surprisingly often, and in 2016 that is Georgia Phone Number no longer possible. The consequences of these easily preventable mistakes are simply too great to let happen. I therefore recommend every website administrator to gain at least some basic knowledge of search engine optimization. It is better to prevent these blunders than to Georgia Phone Number have to repair the damage afterwards. Almost monthly, Google makes a change to its algorithm. And if you continuously change your strategy as a result of these updates, it may just Georgia Phone Number happen that you suddenly have a drop in visitor numbers. It can be exhausting to constantly keep up with these updates.

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