The images focus on the products instead Philippines Phone Number of the text. shoes Unique and relevant content for a specific product. Despite the amount of information, the text is very easy to scan with clear headings, short paragraphs Philippines Phone Number and bullet points. Pages with lots of bullets Long stretches of text are hardly or not at all read by users. As usability guru Jakob Nielsen pointed out in 1997(!!): “ How users read Philippines Phone Number on the web? They don’t ”. Users scan the page and pick out the words that stand out to them.

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So provide concise texts, highlight words Philippines Phone Number and use bullet points. Nice and nice, but Google doesn’t like pages with little content in the form of text. How do you ensure that pages contain enough content and are easy Philippines Phone Number to read and/or scan for users? scan_text Bron: Nielsen Norman Group Make sure you have the right balance between text and bullets. Bullets for scanning people, text for Philippines Phone Number people who actually read it. Too much content on the page? Consider splitting up or provide a summary of the content at the top.

Philippines Phone Number
Philippines Phone Number

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Insurance Here is explained in both Philippines Phone Number sentences and bullets what the product is. For more information, a read more is available. This page again works well for SEO. (Source: Silver Cross) One page design A trend in Philippines Phone Number web design is the one page design, where the user can find all the necessary information on one page by scrolling. This is an easy way to present all the information to the user without requiring unnecessary actions, such as clicking through. With the arrival of Hummingbird , Google Philippines Phone Number is better able to understand the search intent of a question, yet it remains important to set up a unique page for each search intent.

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