Mobile SOS applications and consoles that provide greater productivity to agents. These innovations further increase customers’ expectations for quality care. In response, several companies are already calling their customer service areas Customer Success. Learn everything you need to know about Customer Care and Customer Success . 1. What is Customer Service? Customer Service , or customer success , is nothing more than ensuring that s have the best possible results when using your products and services. Myths and truths about Customer Success It is the same thing as Support The first of these myths is the idea that Customer Success is the same thing as customer support. The truth is that while support typically responds to issues that have .

Or collection failures, it will help you achieve real results . Just please the customer Another myth is the concept that Customer Success is the same as leaving customers happy, no matter what happens. Quite the contrary, at certain times he may be “satisfied” with the solution offered, but you, with all the knowledge of the market and the product itself, perceive that he could achieve much more. Or still, you may see the need to make changes that will do your business good in the future . What is the customer going to give more value to in the end? It is a function of only one area of ​​the company For everything to go well, Customer Success cannot be put on the shoulders of a professional or department of the company.

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That there will always be an area Switzerland phone number focused on Customer Service and Success, but it is essential that the concept is in the company’s DNA and is part of the daily culture, shared by all. After all, how is it possible to positively surprise the client without everyone being involved and working with the same goal in mind? How to implement Customer Success in your company More than sellers, consultants To ensure that customer expectations are met — and, whenever possible, exceeded — it’s crucial that the customer relationship starts off right at the sales stage . Offering the right product or service and managing customer expectations are fundamental tasks , who seek to understand the customer’s needs and provide the best solution based on that.

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Customer journey route Another vital point is not to rotate when accompanying clients. Each professional must be responsible for a “customer base” . So that customer service is always personalized and the relationship flows better. Remember . It may be normal to rotate support, but Customer Success goes further . And that is why it has to be structured to give the impression of exclusivity to the consumer. A CRM platform is an important item in your customer service and success strategy. 2. How does CRM help to have good Customer Service? CRM is one of the most powerful tools that a company may want to optimize customer service, as it has them to learn from old interactions.

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Of those resources that are highly relevant in dealing with your customer base and building rapport with them. Comprehensive and easy to understand reports Good CRM software offers . Comprehensive reports that allow you to understand .  How satisfied customers are with your business and act quickly to correct any problems before . They become too big. Customer history The customer’s history also greatly facilitates the life of the agent who needs to attend  . Since it prevents the conversation from starting at a disadvantage . The consumer who wishes to report a problem, for example.  Will never forget the previous contacts that had with the company.

By analyzing that history, the agent may never have had contact with that person. But they will have relevant information at their disposal . And better conditions to offer good customer service. Centralization of contacts The centralization of customer data in the CRM is another great advantage.  Especially when we think about the number of channels that people use today to chat with or talk about.  A company lready occurred, customer success anticipates and anticipates potential challenges . In addition to that, it encompasses much more than solving system of the sales area or sales consultants.

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