Traffic guide free download the ultimate guide to website traffic for business first name * email * download now sharing is dropping like a stone just last year buffer decided to compare its social sharing with the previous comparable period and this is what they discovered. Twitter down  percent. Facebook Portugal Phone Number  down by  percent. Linkedin was down  percent. Google+ down by  percent. That was a total drop in social sharing was nearly %. And they are not alone. Buffer sharing down for any marketer these sort of numbers start to get you worried. You question your tactics and your strategy. 

What are we doing wrong? What have we missed? As andy grove said…..”only the paranoid survive” sharing is just the start of the conversation sharing online is still new but it has been Portugal Phone Number  with us for over a decade. But maybe we are just getting jaded with social. Is the party over? The short answer. No. The race is on to maximise organic social before the music stops. So let’s look at optimizing twitter for leads and sales. Not just for the sharing. Vanity and brand awareness metrics we know that twitter is great for getting your content shared. But many people who share it don’t visit or even read your content. 

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But there is one tactic that social media marketers often forget. Growing an email list using social media marketing.  A simple social media marketing automation tactic combining some apps and content driven by social can be a powerful tactic that minimizes your time and resources once they are Portugal phone number set up. Below are the  easy steps that show how I used twitter to increase my leads by over . on “autopilot” in less than  months. That’s the old term for marketing automation. Even though this is only % of my annual email growth. This little tweak has been vital in continuing to optimize my list building. 

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The majority of my email acquisition is via the sumome “welcome mat”. Which I outlined in this post “how to double your traffic without paying google or facebook a cent“. Sumome-homepage Portugal Phone Number  but below is maybe the simplest form of marketing automation to just get you started. Step : create a lead magnet a lead magnet is a compelling piece of content that helps solve a pain point or paints a path to success. My two favourites are an ebook and a tools pdf. 

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Free ebooks are the still the best enticement for people to opt-in to your email list. But the quickest to create are the pdf’s that can just be one or two pages. Why do these work so well? The best way to illustrate their pulling power is to use a golfing analogy. Nike sponsors tiger woods because they know that the Portugal Phone Number  weekend hacker will want the equipment that tiger uses. That’s the clubs. Shoes. Golf balls. Shirts and even the shoes. The amateurs thought process goes something like this. If they have the same tools then it is the first step to success. So……look good and maybe play great. Here is one of the the pdf tools lead magnets I use.  tools pdf other inducements are webinars. Free video tutorials.

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