A great meme or funny visual post can elevate someone’s day. And when that happens. They’re likely to share it with their own social audience. The team at social media examiner shared some great tips on using humor in your social posts: dirty or distasteful humor doesn’t fly find humor in everyday Afghanistan Phone Number situations wittiness and puns are appreciated it’s ok to have a sense of humor about your brand here’s one example of everyday humor being used to engage an audience: its-never-bad-to-make-people-smile-for-special-events if you follow these rules and make sure you do some ab testing. You’re sure to be a hit. .

It’s all about the visuals people’s brains are attracted to visual content. So as you post your trends and special events. Make sure they have a great visual component. For example. On facebook visual posts get  more engagement than text posts. Tweets with images get  more retweets than standard posts. And other Afghanistan Phone Number social media channels like pinterest are pretty much all visual. Even linkedin posts perform better with a strong visual component. Just make sure you choose the right visuals for the right social network. Its-all-about-the-visuals-for-special-events you don’t have to spend a ton of money on a graphic designer to create great visual posts. Tools like promorepublic and canva can give you all the visual oomph you need to create a compelling visual post in little time. And for a lot less money than hiring a designer. 

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Knowledge really is power people love to learn new things. Especially in a way that makes it easy for them to share that knowledge. You can do this through a link to an informative blog post that you have written yourself. Or you can do it by curating content from other credible sources. Sharing Afghanistan phone number knowledge is an important aspect to social media marketing. But you have to space it out with other types of posts. Knowledge-really-is-power-for-special-events luckily. Link posts aren’t the only means of sharing information. Infographics are an extremely powerful visual tool that usually spark engagement and shares. How-to posts. Quizzes. Polls and inspirational quotes all scratch that inquisitive itch too. 

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It’s important to understand what your audience cares about. In order to understand what sort of information they want to consume. Tying a knowledge-heavy post into a current event. Afghanistan Phone Number Trend or holiday can be especially powerful. Because it provides context. You aren’t just posting random information and hoping it hits the mark. . No matter what. Context matters the key to pitch-perfect social media is context. 

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It’s all well and good to come up with a visual social media post that is simply stunning. But if it’s written in a way or delivered in a way that doesn’t resonate with your audience. It falls flat. Posting the right content. To the right audience. In the right place. At the right time. Is the very definition of Afghanistan Phone Number contextual social marketing. As I said earlier. Current events. Trends and special events help you laser focus your posts to reach your audience with the most impact. Wrap I hope these tips inspire you to create great content for your social media audience. 

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