How do large and respecte companies Finland Phone Number and sites manage to expire their domain names? All hosting companies have had an option to automatically renew for years, and even if you don’t do this, you will be warne in time. This is nothing less than sheer inattention and indifference. blunder 2. Renewal website without Finland Phone Number referring old links In February 2015, the website of airline Transavia was suddenly no longer available in Google. Transavia had just renewed the website and created a new URL structure. They Finland Phone Number forgot to refer all old URLs to the new variant. The result.

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Transavia was nowhere to be seen in the Finland Phone Number Google rankings. After all, all the pages pointed to 404 error pages instead of the new URL, which is one of the worst signals out there for Google. Moreover, in this way your website loses almost all the authority built up by these dead links: a mortal sin. Not to mention running Finland Phone Number for loss and suffering image damage as a result of this easily preventable mistake. Also read: Why every SEO project should start with an analysis [6 parts] Other well-known companies Finland Phone Number that once went wrong in this way are Algemeen Dagblad and Rabobank.

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It is remarkable to say the least that companies Finland Phone Number with such a big name go wrong in this way. Even a simple Google search for ‘website migration roadmap’, or something along those lines, would have sufficed. The need for redirecting Finland Phone Number old pages to new pages is well known, and is no higher math. Yet it happened. fail 3. Noindex tags for the entire website In some cases it can be useful to ‘de-index’ a page with Google. You can do this by adding a so-called ‘noindex’ tag to the HTML code of the page in Finland Phone Number question. With this you indicate to Google: this page does not have to appear in the search results.

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