Expand and revise your avatar customer profile. As you narrow the avatar-real customer gap. Your marketing will progress to sales victory. Fuel your gaming creativity through fascinating ar gamification marketing. Fuel your storytelling creativity with inspiration. Share your gamification and storytelling powers with readers and customers. Their obsessions and your solutions are still abstract ideas. Await your guided transformation Bahrain Phone Number into real world achievements.Six years ago I founded a saas business (software as a service). Back then. Every effort went into winning the first customer. Then the second and so on. Before long. We’d shaken off the trappings of startuphood and embraced the realities of a mature business.  

This meant getting our heads around customer retention. Customer churn is inevitable. Whilst we tried incredibly hard to keep every customer. As well as delighting them. Some churn is always going to happen. We’d largely accepted it. Over time you lose some customers. But you work hard to keep everyone Bahrain Phone Number you can. You go out and sell more too. Net gain. Success. But deep down. I suspected we could do more. Traffic guide free download the ultimate guide to website traffic for business first name * email * download now becoming  customer retention focused we could have carried on the way we were. Winning more than we were losing.  Customers were hardly leaving in droves. 

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In . Our churn was low and our net sales growth was strong. Like every other business. We’d put more effort into winning new customers. Rather than fully understanding the nature and lifecycle of our existing ones. Throw into the mix the already dramatic growth of customer thermometer. And the Bahrain phone number fact that industry niches were changing over that time. We had some real knowledge gaps. So we decided. Customer retention would be our major focus for the next  days. Every decision we made would have our customers at its heart. We would still facilitate new business acquisition. But our energies would be more focused on existing customers. After this experiment we put together our customer retention guide and case study for other startups and smes to learn from our experience. 

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 changes that transformed our customer outlook we saw this as more than just sales and marketing. Every aspect of our business was a candidate for change. This is what we did. We hope you can apply some or all of these to your business today.  – branded our customer support team support people are Bahrain Phone Number capable of miracles. And I’m proud of what ours do. When a customer told our customer support team. “you should call yourself magicians” we jokingly started referring to them as the ministry of magic. I had no idea of the difference of the effect this would have. 

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It’s become a brand. A vision and a reason to go the extra mile. It has empowered our team to pursue the highest possible standards and constantly out-do their achievements. New support recruits have a tangible sense of something to live up to. It’s given us the confidence to reject customer support Bahrain Phone Number metrics (like minimum enquiry response times) and concentrate instead on giving the best possible response(s) to a customer requirement as soon as one arises.

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