What is the copy in your turnstile? Can it be stronger? What are you offering in return for your viewer’s email? How valuable is it? How soon will your viewers receive it? What’s happening in your video directly before the turnstile? It’s especially important to give your viewers a reason to continue watching if Phone Number List  you’re planning on using a required turnstile. . Offer video as a lead magnet or content upgrade the second approach to growing your email list with video is offering video-based lead magnets or content upgrades. The lead magnet video can be a recording of your webinar. A short video tutorial. Or a q&a with you on a particular topic. 

For example: allison marshall of wonderlass offers a recording of her webinar as a lead magnet on her homepage: offer-video-as-a-lead-magnet-or-content-upgrade-for-use-video-to-grow-your-email-list and here’s how I offer a video tutorial as a content upgrade in one of my posts: offer-video-as-a-lead- Phone Number List  magnet-or-content-upgrade–for-use-video-to-grow-your-email-list video tutorials are perfect content upgrades for posts that include step-by-step instructions. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing instructions applied in action after reading the theory. To deliver such video optin bribes. Link your buttontextimage to the optin form. And once a person signs up. Email them the link to the private video. 

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I use leadpages to make this lead magnet delivery process effortless. If you use video as the lead magnet on your homepage. Make sure it answers the  question for people in your niche. If you’re using video as a content upgrade. Make sure it’s highly relevant to the content of your post. Then grab some Phone Number List popcorn and watch the optins roll in (or. Grab your scientist goggles and test. Iterate. Repeat). . Optimize your youtube channel for email signups if you have videos on youtube. You should turn them into email collectors. Youtube provides two tools for that: cards annotations before you can link to your site in cards or annotations. You’ll need to associate your site with your youtube account. 

Google will offer you a few different ways to verify that you’re indeed the owner of your website. And in – minutes. You should be done and ready to add links to your videos. Be clear on what your ultimate goal with videos is. Do you want youtube subscribers more than you want email subscribers? Phone Number List  Then use annotations to encourage people to subscribe to your channel instead of your email list. Are email signups more important to you? I’m in your camp. Then use every opportunity to link to a place where it would be the easiest for people to sign up. 

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The best way is to create a custom page on your site. Such as your domain subscribe. And link to that page vs. Your homepage. Make this landing page super simple. In most cases. It will Phone Number List  convert best if it doesn’t have a scroll option and there is only one thing you can do on the page — subscribe. It should also have a strong and clear incentive. For example. Don’t just say “subscribe to my newsletter.” I’m seriously the only person who still finds newsletters hot. Tell people what they’ll get if they sign up for your list. Showcase benefits.

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