Among the most recent opinion polls hillary. Clinton posted a 43 percent lead among the hispanic community. Starbucks ceo howard schultz made public his support for democratic candidate hillary clinton in a fact that drew attention, as the statement was made during a facebook live broadcast . It is important to remember that starbucks profits achieved during 2015 were 19.16 billion dollars worldwide, in a projection that has grown since 2003 when the record was 4.1 billion dollars. Palestine B2B List Among the statements that schultz has released.

He has warned that there is concern about

He has warned that there is concern about. The promise of the country and the american. Dream for which he assured that it was obvious. Palestine B2B List That hillary clinton needed to be the next. President a fact that would help he said. To see greater unity and people collaborate. The executive’s statements went viral when the video. Registered more than 136 thousand views. On facebook where it was broadcast. The fact is an important reminder of how digita.L resources but especially social networks. Are becoming a very important channel. Palestine B2B List For all kinds of marketing strategies.

In the case of political marketing it is interesting

Palestine B2B List

In the case of political marketing it is interesting. to observe how the digital factor is determining a greater number of actions with viral results, where a simple interview with the manager of one of the largest companies in the world becomes a positive resource for the campaign. Candidate’s politics. But not only is there this political perspective that we can see from a video, we also have a story behind schultz’s statement, where we see that inside trump tower there is one of the most successful branches of Palestine B2B List the starbucks coffee chain.

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