There is no other way to say it facebook is the dominant. Platform in the social media market despite the fact that it has. Recently made some changes that have not been fully. Liked, it is still the pointer of digital strategies. For brands social bakers estimates that users spend. More than 1,500 minutes on social networks with facebook. Youtube, facebook messenger and instagram. Being the platforms with the highest number of active users. However, it seems that having relevance between advertisers. And users has a very high price that has to be paid. Switzerland Business Fax List After it was revealed that a consulting firm cambridge analytica. Had taken information and data from more than 87 million.

In fact the platform itself indicated that mexico ranked

In fact the platform itself indicated that mexico ranked. Fifth among the 10 countries most affected by this information. Switzerland Business Fax List According to hootsuite the mexican user base. Reaches 83 million people so this point would have to be. Analyzed in an important way especially if they want to. Continue executing effective commercial. Strategies through this digital channel in this way. The credibility and trust in facebook was considerably. Diluted from there a global scandal has been unleashed. That until now has decreed the departure. Switzerland Business Fax List Of the now former facebook security director. Alex stamos a taking of testimony from the ceo. Of the company in the united states senate. And the fall of its shares by 6.77 percent.

Due to the data leak many users have proposed to delete

Switzerland Business Fax List

Due to the data leak many users have proposed to delete. Their profile from the mark zuckerberg platform. However for those who are not fatalistic many companies have. Taken actions to prevent facebook from spying on. Account data if you don’t want to give away your personal. Information for free there’s a trick you should consider. This is what you should do open firefox browser. Go to container extension official website download and install it. Add it in the browser by default once installed. The social network will open in a blue tab. Switzerland Business Fax List Free of cookies like chrome’s incognito mode when you open the social. Network it will be isolated so that it does not have contact. With the browsing data cookies from other pages.

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