I also provide a list of free websites and link Singapore Phone Number directories. Where you can safely submit your site. External Links: The Backbone of Google’s Algorithm New on Frankwatching Advertising on LinkedIn: Success Singapore Phone Number with these 19 Steps [Infographic] for Ultimate customer experience from Zalando, bol & 3 other top retailers in the Netherlands vr Laughing with those heaumeaux: gay humor Singapore Phone Number in commercials vr How do you make content go viral? Play on emotions do Large-scale content personalization for your small webshop: to do or not?

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Do External links, links pointing from Singapore Phone Number one site to another. Were one of the key drivers of Google’s algorithm as. The company set to conquer the search engine market in 1997. External links were seen as a recommendation. As a result, a website with many backlinks (external links pointing to your website) was also seen Singapore Phone Number as valuable by Google and therefore perform well in search engine results. Using external links as a ranking factor was innovative at the time and to Google producing better Singapore Phone Number search results than competitors (who remembers Altavista or Ilse?).

Singapore Phone Number
Singapore Phone Number

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This made Google the most popular search engine Singapore Phone Number worldwide. And it still is. Backlinks & ankerteksten This gave online marketers a weapon to make sites score better in Google, namely creating many backlinks. Special websites, so-call link directories, were create with the sole purpose of producing external links. We also saw Singapore Phone Number the emergence of guest blogging and article websites, where you as an online marketer could post an article with a few links to the website that you want to get higher Singapore Phone Number in Google. Online marketers use another ranking factor from Google, namely anchor texts.

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