Tell them what you want to post and what content you want to link to, then ask them to create and publish the posts. This can be a great option if you know what visuals you want, but don’t have the skills to create them yourself. However, you may need to give it a try before forwarding your social media posts to someone else. If your is strongly connected to you (like ProBlogger is to me), then you need someone who can write posts in the same voice you use for everything else. Another option is to take advantage of some of the tools available.

We Use Co Schedule, an Editorial Calendar With

amazing tools to schedule social media posts. Each time we post a new post on ProBlogger, we also schedule five Twitter posts and four Facebook posts at different times over four weeks. Final Thoughts Before concluding this week’s article, I must remind you that the changes I have talked about in this article took me a year. Real Estate Photo Editing Service Auditing your social media platforms and making the changes is not something you can achieve overnight. And it’s not something you can do once and forget either.

Real Estate Photo Editing Service

As I Said, These Platforms Are Constantly Changing,

and what worked a year ago may not work as well now. You have to keep doing it, although you have to practice how often yourself. So, are you ready to optimize your social networks? Let us know in the comments. This post is based on episode 70 of the ProBlogger podcast. Last week, I talked about creating an opt-in incentive to increase your email subscribers . I also mentioned that one of those incentives could be a series that you air over several weeks. Well, this week I want to talk about how you can stream this series using an autoresponder.

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