Ads example Over the past year many brands have use. TikTok as a means of communication between brands and their audience through short. Video content. It takes advantage of TikTok s creative tools to create content that comes. With advertising base on the concept of Don t Make Ads. Make TikToks. Today we have gathere examples of. TikTok ad ideas from around the world for everyone. To see as a guideline for making TikTok Ads. Song Wip Wup Wip Wup An interesting. Example that happene in Thailand is the song Wip Wup by artist Pok. Mindset who create a campaign. wipwupchallenge by having everyone dance to the music.

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Which is one of the songs that are very successful on the TikTok platform because it has been use in the video up to. hundre thousand times and achieve a total of. million views. Picture from. tiktok  Pepsi The ThatsWhatILike campaign who invites everyone to join in the fun by opening a can of Pepsi and dancing to the most fun music in their own way Until creating Namibia Phone Number views up to. billion Picture from.tiktok kidrl.L Oreal The LetsFaceIt campaign teaches you how to make up beautiful even on days when everyone has to wear a mask. to say that everyone s beauty is not obscure even if they have to wear a mask up to billion views Picture from. tiktok tag letsfaceit.

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NYX Professional Makeup ButterGlossPop Campaign who invite these famous creators Let s create a clip of applying lip gloss with the most creative gesture like no other. Until creating views up to. billion Picture from.tiktok tag butterglosspop. EA Games Buy Email List PlayWithLife campaign that invites people to express themselves in everyday life From work clothes to workout clothes as characters in The Sims games the participation of a large number of people has generate. billion views. Picture from.tiktok tag playwithlife. Fruit by the Foot Produce by General Mills and distribute under the Betty Crocker brand in America the fruit snack brand DJByTheFoot turns users into real DJs with virtual turntables and headsets displaye on screen with the logo.

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