Sound horrifying? It is. But here’s a real test to prove how fundamental storytelling is to our existence. Read the following three sentences: he went to the store. Fred died. Sharon went hungry and wept. Did you assume that “he” in the first sentence referred to fred? Did you imagine that fred died while at the store and that sharon Wuhan Phone Number cried because fred never came back? This simple test from the book story proof: the science behind the startling power of story by kendall haven reveals that the human mind is built to make connections and find meaning through stories. 

Since our daily lives play out mostly in the form of stories – complete with settings. Characters and plots – it makes sense that our minds automatically process every new experience through mental story structures. Because our minds demand meaning. We even go so far as to invent stories and connections between events so Wuhan Phone Number that they fit into our mental narrative of reality. The future of storytelling when you combine the timeless necessity of storytelling with the sheer power of visual content. You arrive at one of the most potent forces shaping the future of communication today: visual storytelling. 

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Here are some of the trends I believe will shape the future of this field by blurring the lines between once-neatly-defined concepts. . Fact and fiction fact-fiction-screenshot stories are unique in that they allow us to make sense of reality and. At the same time. Help us escape from it. While some of our favorite text-based stories relied solely on descriptive language to conjure up the right images in our minds and whisk us away to far-off lands. Visual Wuhan phone number storytelling is taking this to its maximum expression by building fictional worlds we can see from all kinds of dynamic perspectives. By transporting viewers to the middle of a scene as it’s unfolding. Virtual reality is already on its way to creating experiences that will eventually involve all five senses. Take. For example. The vr film allumette (see video above). 

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The first of its kind. This masterpiece by penrose studios takes visual storytelling to a whole new dimension. Viewers can actually explore this tiny world. Originally imagined by hans christian andersen. By walking around this venice-like city. Following protagonists wherever they go and even poking their heads through windows and walls to view important plot developments. Although fictional worlds that appeal to our senses Wuhan Phone Number of smell and taste have yet to be created. It’s only a matter of time before they appear on the scene. This kickstarter project. For example. Promises to provide new smells and sensations through wind. Heat. Mist and vibrations. 

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But for now. We’re still seeing a lot of hybridization going on. In other words. Real-world environments with superimposed fictional elements. Besides the obvious example of the insanely popular pokémon go. There’s the virtual reality park the void. Where visitors can explore a virtual space with vr headsets and. At the same Wuhan Phone Number time. Explore the real physical space that overlaps it. But the blurring of fact and fiction won’t stop there. Latitude’s study on the future of storytelling also predicts that. In line with audiences’ growing appetite for never-ending sagas. We will start to see real-time storyworlds that have – lives. Just like us. 

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