You will need to learn a little bit of coding in South Korea Phone Number html or css. Or hire someone else to manage that aspect of it for you. Despite that additional effort. You’ll be rewarded with a unique. Engaging. And effective piece of content. Why should you try to incorporate interactive infographics in the near future? It encourages your audience to engage with and share your content it generates traffic (through links) it proves to your audience that you are innovative. Resourceful. And intent on providing content that is relevant and intriguing there are levels of interactive infographics. Which make this a manageable progression of resources and effort . 

Embedded video and gifs this is another type of infographic we are seeing more and more today. Infographics that possess short video clips or even gifs (which means graphics South Korea Phone Number interchange format) are a great way to attract attention and to separate your infographic from the crowd. While it limits the platforms you can currently share your infographic on. It makes up for it in roi. A number of simple infographic creation tools. Like easel.Ly. Offer an “embed video from youtube” option. Or you can add video to an infographic you create in photoshop with a video layer. 

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You can even add video to a powerpoint slide. Which you can design into an infographic. You can also find virtually millions of gifs and insert them in a similar fashion. The key here is that you now have to share your infographic as a url. Or make sure it is properly embedded into your website. You can’t save South Korea phone number or share these infographics as .Jpeg or pdfs. Undoubtedly. As this becomes more popular. Other tools will pop up allowing video and gif insertion to be an even easier process. But if you’d like to use this style of infographic before everyone and their dog has the ability to do so. Start now with the tools that are already out there. 

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If you want to take it to the next level. Though. You can even make a video out of an infographic you already have. This is a great way to get seen on youtube. Instagram. And even other video platforms like vimeo. Snapchat. And more. The video below is a great example of how to turn your infographic into a video. Why should you embed video or gifs into your infographics? It gives you the element of surprise – people don’t expect images to move! It is highly entertaining and novel. Which increases the odds that people will interact and share your infographic it’s a great way to establish brand identity . 

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Animated infographics animated infographics have an extreme amount of visual appeal and demand a lot of attention. When a user is viewing an image. They don’t usually expect it to move – this is the beauty of learning these techniques before everyone else does. While animated infographics are slightly South Korea Phone Number more complex. And may require some graphic design. Coding. Andor editing software knowledge. They are highly valuable. Here is an example of what I am talking about: if you’d like to learn exactly how to make animated infographics. Check out this infographic from tabletop whale.

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