Donald trump is the most controversial character. In the political environment in decades his candidacy. For the presidency of the united states has generated. Great fear and disenchantment, which has turned. Into campaigns that stand out for their creativity. We show you some of them  which has turned into. Campaigns that stand out for their creativity. then again,We show you some of them 1. 30 days, 30 songs. The anti-trump soundtracka group. Of musicians from theecuador b2b list  hottest bands. Are posting a song every. Day for a month on 30 days 30 songs.

death cab for cutie aimee mann among others

death cab for cutie aimee mann among others. participate Ecuador B2B List Until today three songs have. been published in this project organized by the writer. dave eggers 2. Robert deniro: a few punches for trump a few days ago, the american actor robert deniro caused surprise by publishing a video in which he talks about trump, points out that he is the worst and even threatens to give him some good blows. The piece went viral. 3. Ecuador B2B List Trumped in america: real cases of bad businessthe progress ohio organization published a series of ads telling.

The story of workers and contractors who donald

Ecuador B2B List

The story of workers and contractors who donald. with this in mind,trump allegedly swindled out of their businesses. 4. Cucapá beer chelas. inflammatory comments with humor to make him. inasmuch as,Pay for the beer. 5. Save the day the marvel universe against trumpa. dozen actors and actresses who have participated. in the films and series of the marvel cinematic universe. participated in a video in which with humor. Ecuador B2B List they invite to prevent. be that as it may,trump from becoming president and go. out to vote on november 8.

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